CooLifting Gun

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

CooLifting is a revolutionary registered system that performs a radical facial treatment using a safe, fast and efficient method. It is the most spectacular and fastest treatment ever seen to challenge the effects of aging on the face.

Results After 1 Coolifting session
Result after 1 Coolifting session

Coolift & Go    50.00

Coolift & Go    Course of 6 treatments 300.00 – 2 per week for 3 weeks and get your first Maintenance free

Coolift              Add on to facial of your choice 40.00

Unfortunately this treatment is not suitable for the following conditions :



Fresh spraytan

Botox or fillers, please wait 3 weeks

Inflammation of the skin, cysts etc

CRYOPEN skin lesion removal · GALLERY

CRYOPEN Skin lesion removal

CRYOPEN – skin blemish removal


What is Cryotherapy and what does it treat?

CryoPen™ is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is a fast, effective, safe and new solution for removal of skin imperfections. Procedures typically last from 5 to 25 seconds, so you can be in and out of the salon quickly.



The CryoPen™emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which allows the clinician to work with millimetre precision. This destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane, thereby destroying the cell. That means there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical.

Cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas are no longer being treated by many doctors on the NHS. With the CryoPen™you can now have these treatments in the beauty salon.

How it works

First cycle – freeze

The applicator is held as close as possible to the skin imperfection and moved quickly towards and away from it. This could be from 1-30 seconds, depending on the size and depth.


After the first freeze cycle, the tissue is allowed to thaw for about 30 seconds.

Second cycle – freeze

Now the second freeze cycle will begin. The tissue will freeze faster than during the first freezing cycle.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any side effects ? Cryotherapy is relatively low risk. There are a few side effect that may occur as a result of treatment, including:

•Pigmentary changes (hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation) if this happens skin colour normally returns after a few months.

•Nerve damage (particularly in areas where nerves lie close to the surface of the skin, on fingers, wrist, area behind the ear) Reports show that normal sensitivity returns after a few months.

•Shards of frozen ice (minor shards of frozen ice may blow out, that will thaw on contact with healthy skin)

•Hair follicle damage and permanent alopecia (especially when treating area on sites with coarse terminal hair). Discuss any concerns you have with your clinician.

How long are Cryopen treatments ?The duration of the treatment time will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue being treated. Upon the clinical evaluation of the thickness of the area, the clinician will choose an application time from 1 to 30 seconds.

How much will the treatment cost ? The cost of the treatment  will depend on the size of the area. Make an appointment to discuss cost and assess your area.

How safe is Cryotherapy ? Cryopen is a relatively low-risk procedure. Cryopen delivers N2O directly to the skin and not the surrounding tissue. Cryopen is both CE and FDA registered.

Is the treatment painful ? There will be a pain sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment. The area will be slightly itchy for about ten minutes. Occasionally a blister might form and persist for a few hours.

What if I have darker skin ? Repeated short freezing cycles of 3 to 6 seconds at two week intervals are recommended if you have a darker skin type.

In a matter of seconds you can have flawless skin

Removes unsightly skin tags, warts and age spots for that perfect finish

Minimally invasive

Examples of what the CryoPen™can do…






skin tag removal
skin tag removal
cherry angioma removal
cherry angioma removal


2015-12-19 12.54.55
art removal
Wart removal
skin tag removal
skin tag removal

Lipo Laser Sculpture – Inch Loss

Lipo Laser


What is Lipo Laser :

A safe way to loose unwanted inches without pain, needles,or surgery.
What does it do :
Mild low (cold) lasers are used to reduce body fat which makes fat cells shrink, the lymphatic system then removes the fatty liquids through the body’s natural metabolic function and these are used by the body as an energy source. The process does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels  etc.
It is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate i.e 20/30 min of light cardio vascular exercise such as brisk walking, running etc.

Areas that can be treated :
v Stomach
v Hips (Love handles) Thighs
v Upper back fat
v Lower back fat
v Arms (under biceps) or (Bingo Wings)
v Baby bulge (Mummy Tummy) Double Chins
v Above knee areas
v Ankles
v Male breasts (Moobs)
Lipo can help with:
v Inch Loss Skin Tightening
v Cellulite reduction
v Skin rejuvenation
v Stretch Marks (Up to 80% Reduction)
Your 1st session will be around an hour because of consultation, following sessions will last approx. 40 min.
Single treatment 65.00
Course of 2 treatments per week 6 treatments  330
Course of 2 treatments per week 8 treatments  400

Lipo Laser is not suitable if you have any of the below conditions :

v  Liver disease
v  If you are pregnant
v  Kidney disease
v  If you are currently breast feeding
v  Heart problems
v  Pacemaker
v  Diabetes (type 1 – insulin dependent)
v  Any dysfunction of the nervous system
v  Radiation sickness or receiving radiation  therapies
v  Any form of cancer (even if in remission)
v  Immune suppressed  disorders
v  Epilepsy (e.g. muscular sclerosis, Parkinsons disease,  motor neuron disease)
v  Bell palsy
v  Have a photosensitive skin disorder



What is it :

  • Manual facial exfoliation technique
  • Removes surface debris
  • Reduces the appearance of light surface wrinkling
  • Smoothes acne scarring
  • Improves skin texture
  • Corrects uneven skin tone, helps to unblock blackheads
  • Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Removes fluffy vellus facial hair
  • Generates new healthy cells

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Dermaplaning – Book you appointment for January Dermaplane Facial 😷Treatment:Dermaplaning 🎯Purpose: Manual Exfoliation which removes surface dead skin and vellus hair 🎉Results: Immediate visible results, great prep before Peels/Laser treatments 📞07717 131010 📧 🌍 📍The Little Beauty Box – Lowton Cheshire 😴Anaesthetic: none ⏱Treatment Time: 1hr 🗓Recovery: None 📝Note: Individual results may vary #beauty #Cheshire #facials #antiageing #radiofrequency #skintightening #lifting #exfoliation #infusion #oxygenation #hyaluronicacid #vitACE #retinol #Cellturnover #celebrities #celebrityfacial #iamacelebrity #GeneO #advancedtreatments #aesthetic #LipoLaser #dermaplaning #thelittlebeautybox

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Contra indications for Dermaplaning :

  •  1st Trimester of pregnancy
  • Auto- Immune disease e.g.  Addison’s Disease, Graves’ Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Insulin dependent diabetics
  • Active shingles
  • Haemophiliacs
  • Clients taking blood thinners, e.g. Apixaban, Dabigatran, Heparin, Rivaroxaban or Warfarin
  • Clients taking prescription medication for acne (such as Roaccutane)
  • Infectious/contagious diseases
  • Undiagnosed lumps/swellings
  • Clients allergic to nickel or stainless steel
  • Thin, weak or delicate skin


Manual exfoliation of the epidermis with a custom dermaplaning blade which will remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells, leaving skin radiant and glowing. Increases absorption of topical products. Primes skin for chemical peel or laser treatment.

Dermaplaning  Radiance Facial          70

Manual dermaplaning followed by Radiance Mask high in L-Ascorbic Acid ( vitamin C), Collagen Serum with ultrasound ( Infuses skincare ingredients deeply into the skin and intensifies their effectiveness)

Dermaplaning session                         50      

Dermaplaning session                         40  plus facial/peel of your choice

Beauty box logo black and orange



2016-04-26 20.48.17


Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy combines two concepts, the first being advance collagen stimulation therapy and the second, the introduction of traditional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions. Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment, which can be an alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Collagen stimulation or Collagen Induction Therapy as it is also known, has long been a popular and effective treatment. Originally performed via a dermal roller, in recent years advancements have progressed from a hand held device to an electronic device that offers not only superior results but has also resulted in an increase in comfort for the individual receiving the treatment.

The Fusion Mesotherapy products that are used within the treatments are of the highest quality, and contain the most advanced ingredients, and unique formulas. When Fusion Mesotherapy is combined with collagen stimulation, the results supersede standard dermal roller or electronic needling results. Why? Because having a true and in-depth understanding of each client’s skin, flexibility to treat multiple conditions at the same time, the knowledge of how to use most advanced products, coupled with a superior device, provides us with the ability to reach and meet expectations overtime through our advanced treatment plans.

Face 4

 Fusion Mesotherapy CelebritySmart Treatments

This natural and safe non-surgical treatment offers impressive results. Loved by celebrities to keep their skin looking, fresh, firm, radiant and hydrated, it can also be used as an alternative to cosmetic procedures. The Fusion CelebritySmart treatment comprises of collagen stimulation via the Fusion Meso Pen Platinum coupled with a cocktail, serum and cream made with a bespoke combination of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and biomimetic peptides, blended with together ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and biomimetic peptides, blended with a patented product called Fusion Meso Smart Mix.

Fusion Fractional MesoUltimate

Fusion Fractional MesoUltimate is the most requested treatment by Celebrities within the Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy treatment range. It incorporates a special cocktail called F-LIFT+FACE which is a potent mix of growth factors and biomimetic peptides. It is blended with a line filling hyaluronic acid for deep nourishment and wrinkle reduction. The results speak for their self, rejuvenation on many levels! Anti-wrinkle, skin firming, stimulation of collagen, skin lightening, brightening and free radical blocker are just some of the many benefits of this treatment. The Fusion MesoUltimate treatment includes the most highly concentrated anti-ageing cream with a serum texture that can also be used around the eyes.

Fusion Fractional MesoLift

Fusion Fractional MesoLift is especially effective over a course of treatments, providing a natural Botox-like and lifting effect. It smooths fine lines, softens expression lines and wrinkles and naturally hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Fusion Fractional MesoGlow

A powerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid is used to achieve a natural, healthy glow to the skin, reversing the signs of ageing. Fusion Fractional MesoGlow is a perfect treatment for anyone looking for instant nourishment and protection. Recommended to prevent, repair and regenerate the skin. Ideal treatment prior to holiday and post exposure to the sun.

Fusion Fractional MesoRadiance

Radiant skin is what we all look for when attending special events and occasions. Treat your skin to an instant boost of radiance with the Fusion Fractional MesoRadiance treatment. This powerful blend of active ingredients provides instant radiance and hydration, bringing your skin back to life. Particularly beneficial for smokers skin or dull lifeless skin.

Fusion Fractional MesoHydration

At certain times we all find that our skin lacks hydration and could benefit from additional nourishment. Fusion Fractional MesoHydration provides instant relief and moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. This treatment is especially beneficial over the winter months when our skin needs additional hydration to maintain its natural balance, elasticity and luminosity.


2016-05-12 11.05.40



Nappage is the most popular mesotherapy injection technique available, developed by French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in the 1950’s. Nappage consists of performing a series of micro-injections between 2mm and 4mm apart with the use of professional result driven Fusion medical grade sterile serums including growth factors, hyaluronic acid, amino-acids, minerals and vitamins through which the micro-injections transport the mesotherapy ingredients to the epidermal layers of the skin where the cellular interactions take place.

Nappage is a well known skin rejuvenation treatment that hydrates the skin from the inside out giving a firm, bright, rejuvenated result and is extremely effective in replacing vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and hyaluronic acid that depletes over time naturally within the skin.



In 2005, a new technique known as virtual (needle-free) Mesotherapy became available on the international market. This was a significant advancement for both Mesotherapists and patients.

A needle-free device is used to emit a pulsed electromagnetic wave that creates transitional pores at cellular level, this phenomena is called “electroporation”. By using in synergy electroporation and conventional Mesotherapy, it´s possible to improve the dissemination of the product in the tissue, the cellular transfer of the active ingredient and to reduce the side effects.

Needle-free Mesotherapy can be a successful alternative when treating conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sensitive skin and acne. When treating the scalp needle-free Mesotherapy has seen positive results with conditions such as dandruff, excess sebum, seborrheic eczema and a variety of hair loss issues. We should also consider that needle-free Mesotherapy is a pain free alternative to traditional Mesotherapy and can be an attractive option to patients that prefer to avoid or have a fear of injections

2016-05-10 23.15.02

File 19-05-2016, 13 52 09
Smartmix used: F Lift+Face & Radiance

Hand treatment with Fusion Meso Platinum

GALLERY · Geneo+ Your next generation facial

Geneo + Your next generation facial



Natural skin oxygenation; beneficial in anti-aging and corrective skin procedures – Significantly shortened treatment time – Convenient ‘walk in – walk out’ treatments – Suitable on all skin types, colours and facial areas – Nutrient-rich formulas last on the skin to allow for optimal penetration – Single-use consumables assure maximum hygiene

An advancement in skin care that delivers 4 essential treatments simultaneously:

1.EXFOLIATION of the outer layer of the skin

2.INFUSION of unique revitalising formulas

3.OXYGENATION generated from within the skin. The OxyGeneo™ produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism. Oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.

4.TRIPOLLAR RADIO FREQUENCY for skin tightening. Sagging skin on the neck, décolleté and face along with wrinkles are common problems associated with aging. This is mainly due to decreasing of collagen production as skin loses its quality. Radiofrequency (RF) system is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate the collagen production and strengthen the skin structure. RF enables skin tightening and improvement of the skin’s appearance painlessly without post-op downtime of classic surgery applications or other invasive methods. Radiofrequency is a non-invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls and also the area under the chin/neck. This is a great way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and improving skin tone and texture as well as dull skin. It can also be used for body tightening and skin improvement. Radiofrequency treatment uses electrical pulses. It heats the dermis (the deepest skin layer) through hand pieces without damaging the epidermis (the top layers of the skin), to stimulate new collagen growth and provide an improvement in skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance dermal density with minimal risks.

Three Specialized Formulas to Treat Specific Skin Conditions While each OxyGeneo™ treatment softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, minimizes pores, hydrates and nourishes the skin, revitalizes a dull complexion and improves the overall facial appearance, your client gets to choose a nourishing gel that fits their specific skin concerns.

Photo 12-05-2020, 12 05 08

Geneo Revive refreshes dull skin, reduces fine lines
and improves overall skin texture and appearance

Geneo Illuminate unifies skin tone, improves
pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin

Geneo Balance treatment purifies and soothes
oily skin and improves its texture and appearance

Photo 12-05-2020, 12 04 42




Skin Resurfacing

Although it has been around in some form since the 1980s, skin resurfacing represents the next level of skin care and anti-ageing. Scientific advancements have greatly enhanced the understanding and knowledge of what skin resurfacing is and its potential. From continuous wave carbon dioxide laser to the non-ablative laser systems used widely today, skin resurfacing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market.

pHformula has taken skin resurfacing even further; with dermatological, non-invasive and tailored skin resurfacing treatments based on over three decades of combined scientific, medical and skin health knowledge and experience.

Our skin resurfacing system is targeted to the needs of your skin type – whether that is anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne, wrinkles, or even if you are looking for an instant boost. Different treatments can be combined in a specially-designed program with controlled strength and depth depending on the sensitivity levels of your skin.

Our ‘layer and leave-on’ treatments don’t need to be timed as the products are self-neutralising and can be left on the skin. A package of integrated support products can be used at home, guaranteeing the best possible results and maintenance. The ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ philosophy ensures powerful nutrients are put to work inside, while your skin is rapidly restored on the surface.

A.G.E. 1, 2 & 3 solutions – pHformula skin resurfacing solutions for ageing skin


Treatment Description

Active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing like photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines. The pHformula A.G.E. solutions were specifically formulated as advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatments to help correct typical signs of ageing.


M.E.L.A. 1, 2 & 3 powerclays™ – A powerful hyperpigmentation treatment


Treatment Description

The unique pHformula powerclay formula used in the M.E.L.A. resurfacing treatments is a powerful hyperpigmentation treatment designed to reduce the accumulation of epidermally located melanin. It effectively inhibits the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, whilst stimulating epidermal differentiation and therefore accelerates epidermal cellular turnover causing the removal of already formed melanin pigment. Due to the innovative highly effective mode of action, significant visible results are obtained with minimal risk.

A.C. 1, 2 & 3 solutions – pHformula skin resurfacing solutions for acne skin


Treatment Description

The unique combination of actives in the pHformula A.C. solutions were specifically formulated to correct the main acneic manifestations such as comedones, papules and pustules. It was designed to act on the 4 factors that trigger acne.

1. Seborrhoea
2. Hyperkeratinisation
3. Microbial colonisation (P acnes)
4. Inflammation

C.R. 1 complex – An active complex for complete restoration


Treatment Description

An active and effective complex for complete restoration, chronic redness and rosacea prone skin. Specifically formulated with anti-microbial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses



Patients should use the recommended pHformula homecare products to enhance overall results and to assist with the post resurfacing healing processes. The skin resurfacing homecare kits contain fundamental products to optimize overall results. The A.G.E. homecare kit offers a complete skin resurfacing regimen for your particular skin  issue and includes the following products:

A.C.T.I.V.E. formula 20ml
A.G.E. or M.E.L.A. or  A.C.  or C.R.  recovery 30ml
E.X.F.O. cleanse 100ml
P.O.S.T. recovery cream 50ml

The use of the pHformula U.V. protect SPF 30+ or SPF 50+ is essential to protect the skin from UV radiation. Please note that it is recommended that extended sun exposure must be avoided, especially in the 10 days prior to the treatment.


Clare G.“Was nervous about having the peel but Yvonne explained everything… A week later my skin feels amazing!!!! Booking in for another! ”

Kellie C.“I have had my first acne peel at The Little Beauty Box. After two days I noticed my skin flaking and my new complexion has never looked so bright and clear. I’m now excited to have a course. Kellie x”

Clare G. “Relaxing facial and massage… My skin feels amazing. Think I will try the full peel next ”

Vicky C. Enzyme Peel SuperFacial “Without doubt the best facial I have ever had! 1 hour 20 of pure pampering complete with enzyme peel, hot towels, face and shoulder massage and a mask. 5* products, 5* therapist. Will be getting my mum booked in for one of these for her birthday treat, Thanks Yvonne xxxxxx”


Claire O. Enzyme Peel SuperFacial “The best facial I have ever had, my skin was left feeling soft and looking fresh. Yvonne you are an amazing lady xx”


Please book a consultation for more info on : 07717 131010




















BIO-SYNTHESIS Light activated rejuvenation system · GALLERY

BIO-SYNTHESIS Light activated rejuvenation system facials


2014-01-09 13.21.16

The Bio-Synthesis light activated rejuvenation system utilizes high intensity LED lights ranging from red, yellow,green and blue ( 640nm to 470nm).

The Bio-Synthesis system uses the latest technology and treatment principles that stem from extensive research, data and efficacy studies conducted by NASA, on photosynthesis. The studies showed up plant growth research with cancer patients revealed the power of red light skin therapy for rejuvenation. Researchers noticed that LED light therapy regenerated skin tissue, boosted collagen production and improved the appearance of the skin.

The Bio-Synthesis Chromatic Facial™ is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. This completely safe, non-invasive, non-thermal treatment uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to emit safe light that is absorbed by the skin stimulating natural rejuvenation and resulting in glowing, radiant skin.

How it works

The Bio-Synthesis™ Light Activated Photo Rejuvenation Treatment utilises LED photo modulation technology to activate cellular metabolism and energy. LED energises the skins cells similar to the way that sun energises plants through phtotosynthesis. With LED, low intensity light waves of specific parameters combine with light activated cellular chromophores to increase ATP synthesis and enhance fibroblast activity to increase natural collagen and elastin synthesis, increase skin thickness and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This constant, non-invasive, nonablative (nonablative means that you don’t cause any damage to the tissue) light technology reduces the appearance of damaged skin tissue without heat, without pain and without risk.

Red Light – Increases collagen and elastin production in the skin, great for lines, wrinkles,  scarring and pitting.

Green Light – Reduces redness in the skin/de-sensitizes skin, fades pigmentation problems and post-inflammation pigmentation.

Yellow Light – Tones and firms loose skin and facial tissue. Good for correcting loss of elasticity and volume in the face.

Blue Light – Anti-bacterial kills off acne bacteria P-Porphorin9 to reduce break-outs, congestion and black-heads.


  • Firms and contours
  • Improves the colour and texture of the skin
  • Hydrates and revitalizes skin
  • Improves circulation
  • Encourages smoother ,softer skin

Can be used as an add- on to a :

  • Bio Hydrodermabrasion  ( to restore hydration )
  • Any Facial

Or as a stand alone treatment  :

  • Age Defying Chromatic Facial 30min
  • Hydrating Chromatic Facial 30 min
  • Pigment  Minimizing Chromatic  Facial 30 min
  • Acne control Chromatic Facial 30 min
  • Anti Inflammatory Facial 30 min
  • Photo Damaged  Chromatic Facial 30 min

Bio – Synthesis LED light therapy involves: No pain or discomfort, No down time, NO negative side effects, No surgery, No thermal damage, No scarring or discoloration

Best results are achieved by 1 treatment every week  for 4 to 6 weeks. Afterwards a monthly/six weekly treatment is required  for maintenance.

bio led red


  • Hypersensitivity to light or “photo Allergy”
  • Tendency toward photo-toxic reactions
  • Taking of photo-sensitizing or photo-toxic medication
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Under physician’s care

bio led




Bio-Ultimate Platinum® microcurrent

The Ultimate in Non Invasive Face Lifts


The Bio-Ultimate Platinum features the latest in microcurrent technology development, including the patented technological breakthrough Suzuki Sequencing. This revolutionary system delivers unsurpassed results and performance in less time. The Bio-Ultimate Platinum System is touted as the single most powerful tool available to the skin therapist today, allowing a diverse array of results ranging from firming, to the diminishment of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Utilising new state of the art technology, the Bio Ultimate Platinum aids in reducing the signs of ageing and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by utilising a technology know as microcurrent. Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s currents, which in turn triggers chemical reactions at a cellular level. The result is a visible firming and smoothing of the skin.

The Bio Ultimate Platinum treatment benefits :

Firms and Lifts facial muscles      Improves circulation                      Encourages softer, smoother skin        Improves elastin and collagen levels

Hydrates and revitalises skin      Complete product penetration    Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles


Bio Therapeutic Treatments

Bio Ultimate Age Defying Facial  approx. 1.15 hr

This facial offers the latest in Microcurrent technology to re-educate the facial muscles, helping to lift and firm relaxed muscles. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, achieving a firmer revitalised appearance with increased hydration. Includes application of collagen ampoules and an infusion mask. A course of 6 to 10 treatments is recommended for long lasting results where after you will go on a monthly/six weekly maintenance facial to maintain the results.

Bio TurboLift Facial  approx. 35 min

Ideal for people on the go, this quick, lifting and toning treatment works on the deeper muscles and offers an immediate, dynamic result. It is also an ideal application in between BOTOX  or injectable fillers or as a quick “pick me up” for special occasions or in between longer facial treatments.

Bio Quickly Clear Acne Facial approx. 1 hr

An intensive treatment to help decongest and repair acne prone skin. This facial utilises Micro current in polarity specific functions, to deep cleanse the skin, give excellent healing benefits, repair and help prevent further acne related damage to the skin. Fantastic to combine with BioTherapeutic LED Light Therapy  !

Bio Invisible Expression Facial – Anti ageing Eye Treatment approx. 30 min

Using the Invisible Expression Masque, this treatment addresses the early signs of expression ageing around the eye and forehead area. The lifting, toning application is followed by the hands free Invisible Expression Masque, infusing high performance product for a complete firming, hydrating and plumping treatment.

Bio Decongesting Facial  approx. 40 min

A deep cleansing treatment performed prior to other facials or as a treatment on its own. This facial softens hardened sebum, allowing easy extraction and continues with the tissue repair programme promoting a clear healthy complexion.

Bio Infusion Signature Facial  30 min

A quick 30 min facial for the busy client, or to be added on to a “hands on” facial, using an effective infusion mask. Utilizing the Turbo Masque combined with and infusion masque , this effective facial meets the personal needs of each individual , delivering the required result.

Bio Platinum Hand Renewal approx. 25 min

A hand treatment to combat the tell tale sign of ageing. After cleanse and exfoliation  serums with peptides and hyaluronic acid will be applied followed by the Rejuvamit electric mitts which  with a combination of Micro current and intense product infusion will leave your hands soft and supple. Also possible as an add-on with any facial treatment or manicure.

Bio probes pic2

bt face

What is Microcurrent? Microcurrent Facial Sculpting technique is a low cost painless alternative for those wishing the results of surgical cosmetic treatments. It is also called the lunch time face lift. The treatment uses a “secret formula” of eight different waveforms of microcurrent, which stimulate the 32 of the 53 facial muscles using traditional acupuncture points of the face and body. It is the best alternative for clients who wish to get back their youthful looks. Microcurrent facial & body sculpting has recently gained popularity, especially among Hollywood celebrities. The benefits of the procedure include eliminating fine lines, creases, and wrinkles, restoring the glow of youthful skin, visibly firming, contouring and lifting the overall droop; and tightening sagging jowls, double chins, and fatty cheeks.  Microcurrent is a physical therapy modality that has been in use for over 16 years.

How does the treatment actually work? Microcurrent aids in reducing the signs of aging by utilizing a low level of electricity known as microcurrent. These tiny microcurrent impulses trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits and work directly on the nerves and muscle fibers.  The result is visible firming and smoothing of the skin. Your body seems to use the Microcurrent energy to increase its own energy production.  Microcurrent increases the production of ATP, your own chemical energy, by up to 500%. To quote D. Tsoklis, an expert on the subject, “Microcurrent is the reproduction of your own biological current. As we age, this current, which sends messages from the brain to the muscles via the spinal cord, does not send those messages properly.”  The Microcurrent treatment restores those messages from the brain to tell the skin to rejuvenate. It helps tone facial muscles by replicating our own biological currents. That is why this treatment is such a safe alternative to some of the invasive and risky treatments on the market today.

How quickly will I notice a difference in my face? Some clients notice a difference after the first treatment. Other clients will notice it after 3 or 4 treatments. The important thing to realize is that the effect is cumulative — that is, your face will become more tightened and toned with each treatment. When you get the desired effect, you can begin your maintenance program of having a treatment anywhere from 4 – 12 weeks, depending on your unique body.
Contra Indications : Pacemaker, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Cancer, Phlebitis


Non Surgical Treatments now available in total privacy at The Little Beauty Box

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a free consultation 

Next  Consultation for Botox/Fillers : n/a


Before any treatment or procedure is administered all new patients must first undergo a thorough consultation, this is free of charge  and puts you under no obligation. However as well as giving you the opportunity to find out all you need to know about your chosen treatment, during the course of consultation all treatment options and costs involved will be discussed.

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is BOTOX®Botulinum Toxin is a natural protein which softens lines and wrinkles, mainly in the upper third of the face. It will also provide lift and improve the tonicity of the skin.

What are Dermal Fillers? These are all natural proteins which act as a cushion to gently lift out lines and wrinkles. Fillers help to restore skin to its youthful appearance by adding volume. There is an immediate result. They can also be used for lip enhancement to create a fuller appearance and improve symmetry.

For further information on these and all available treatments

Call The Little Beauty Box now on 07717 131010 




Oxynergy Paris is unique, stylish like no other one in the world of beauty, we created, designed and developed a new generation of skin care products that respect and fits each skin. Our products are not containing mineral oils, silicones, parabens and other harmful preservatives. We imagined a whole new world of skin care & beauty rituals through innovative and interactive formulas. We created textures, unique products and a breakthrough line of custom professional cosmetics.

Oxynergy Paris offers an exclusive line of professional skin care and an application to create personalized cosmetics. How does it work?

First you will need to download our application on the apple store or google play. The application will calculate your personalized formulations. In the application just go to “my skin care” and respond to the different questions about your skin type and indications.

At the end of the questionnaire the application will give your results and explain you how to make your personalized skin care products.

  • My serum
  • My cream
  • My mask


MY SERUM: to create your personalized skin care serum you will mix different Power Infuse Serums in certain proportions. There are 11 different Power Infuse Serums and your formula can contain from 3 to 9 different serums. The application will indicate you which serums to use and which dosis of each of them. You simply need to add the doses of each Power Infuse Serum one after one in the specific container My Serum. Agitate the bottle to mix the product and your personalized serum is ready!

MY CREAM: to create your personalized skin care cream you need the cream as indicated by the application. Either the Power Infuse My Cream or the Power Infuse My Cream Rich. You will need to add into the cream 10 dosis of the previously prepared personalized serum MY SERUM. With the provided spatula you just need to mix the cream and the serum together till the personalized cream is smooth and uniform.

MY MASK: to create your personalized masks you need the Power Infuse My Masks as indicated by the application. To prepare one mask you will need 3 dosis of the previously prepared personalized serum MY SERUM, water and one mask. Just mix the water and the personalized serum together and drop one mask in the mix!

This exclusive concept allows each single person to access the world of the skin care haute couture. Made for your skin only, in few steps, with amazing benefits and results for your skin.



Because we are all unique and each beauty is particular for Oxynergy Paris, each beauty treatment must be customized to be the best.

The Power Infuse Technology is an efficient and compact beauty device for oxygen spraying and infusion. Infuse deeply into the skin personalized serums and skin care with oxygen.

With different programs and applicators the products are pushed into the skin to plump it from the inside out. Our secret weapon, Power Infuse Serums, which are highly concentrated with active ingredients, they are mixed together by the therapist to create MY SERUM for your own skin type and indications. Infused into the skin they will restore a healthy and young skin appearance plumping lines and wrinkles while firming the skin around the eyes, face and neck.

• Rejuvenates the skin from the inside out
• Plumps out lines and wrinkles
• Instantly lifts and firms lax skin
• Perfect for ageing on the neck and decollete.

The results are instant but for more long lasting result a course of  treatments is often recommended to achieve maximum effect.

Power Infuse Facial  1.15 hrs  75.00



NOUVEAU LASHES Semi Permanent Lashes

before & after

Nouveau Lashes are state-of -the-art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes. Soft and curved, Nouveau Lashes have a flat base and a fine, polished tip, just like natural lashes and are applied individually for  a striking and defined result.

  • Wearers of these beautiful, well defined lashes can shower, exercise and even swim without worrying about them falling out.
  • No need for mascara, although water based mascara can be applied to the tips of the lashes for extra definition.
  • These lashes are extremely comfortable and do not cause the natural lash to fall out prematurely.
  • A very comfortable and relaxing procedure.
  • Easily maintained, lashes can be topped up every 2 to 3  weeks, this helps retain fullness and guarantees longevity.
  • Wide range of sizes and colours available.

* Please come to your appointment without wearing mascara. Your lashes need to be ultra clean and grease free for the donor lashes to adhere correctly. This is very important as these days mascara are quite difficult to remove as they are developed to stay on etc.





Nouvatan has been developed using active organic ingredients so you can achieve a fantastic golden tan without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays.

Nouvatan contains no alcohol or parabens so you can be assured that what you ar putting on your skin is totally safe and dermatologically tested and manufactured to ISO 9001-2000 quality standard.


The primary active ingredient is a sugar derivative called DHA which when is sprayed on the top layers of your skin, reacts with the amino acid, this creating a colour change similar to a UV sun tan. As your skin sheds, the tan  fades naturally between 5-7 days after application.

We will apply a guide colour to your body which ensures a perfect application. this guide colour is very natural looking which allows you to go about your day without looking like you have been in a mud bath ! This then washes off after development to leave you beautifully tanned.



nouvatan black logo

LVL-The amazing lash lifting treatment !



With a lashlift , you can achieve a more a natural , chic look because it allows you to make the most of what you already have without the need for eyelash extensions.

LVL lash-lifting treatment is designed to enhance you natural lashes by straightening them rather than curling them, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes, the kind of lashes that will make other women green with envy.


The treatment takes around 45 minutes to apply and lasts up to 6 weeks depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes.

  • New silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots.
  • No lash extensions
  • No adhesive
  • No mascara needed.

Please come to your LVL appointment with NO mascara on. Lashes need to be ultra clean and grease free for the LVL treatment to succeed.


2013-07-11 15.44.19



2013-07-11 15.44.30




Before LVL
And after LVL ! A fantastic result and this is without mascara. Tomorrow masacara can be applied and that will add even more vava-voom !







GELISH Soak Off Nail Treatments

Soak off Gel Polish

Treat yourself to polish that won’t chip, peel or tear for up to 3 weeks. Protects you natural nails, completely dry in seconds, no smudges or dents.

Over 84 colours to choose from.



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2014-02-22 13.53.05


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pyjama nails

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Make you Blink Pink
Make you Blink Pink
Picture courtesy of Nail It


2013-05-25 15.42.19-1
You Glare I Glow
2013-05-30 13.57.08
I am Brighter Than You with Glitter & Stamping

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2013-04-22 09.32.11
Bombshell Beauty

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2013-02-21 14.17.13


My Forbidden Love

Taupe Tulips & Waterfield
After Party Espresso
Gelish Sheek White with lace flowers



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2012-12-06 20.47.50

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You can have them too !

Your eyebrows frame your face so it’s really important to make the most of them. When you come to me we will talk about your expectations and what we can achieve. Sometimes this means you will have to let them grow back which we will call Work in Progress (WIP).

My procedure is the following: consultation, tint, trim, wax, tweeze and eyebrow make-up to finish off  (Approx 30 min)

Eyebrows are a major feature this year so why don’t you come over and see what I can do for you?

2014-02-21 16.16.23

2013-12-28 16.07.54





2013-06-07 19.31.49


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