Skin Resurfacing

Although it has been around in some form since the 1980s, skin resurfacing represents the next level of skin care and anti-ageing. Scientific advancements have greatly enhanced the understanding and knowledge of what skin resurfacing is and its potential. From continuous wave carbon dioxide laser to the non-ablative laser systems used widely today, skin resurfacing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market.

pHformula has taken skin resurfacing even further; with dermatological, non-invasive and tailored skin resurfacing treatments based on over three decades of combined scientific, medical and skin health knowledge and experience.

Our skin resurfacing system is targeted to the needs of your skin type – whether that is anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne, wrinkles, or even if you are looking for an instant boost. Different treatments can be combined in a specially-designed program with controlled strength and depth depending on the sensitivity levels of your skin.

Our ‘layer and leave-on’ treatments don’t need to be timed as the products are self-neutralising and can be left on the skin. A package of integrated support products can be used at home, guaranteeing the best possible results and maintenance. The ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ philosophy ensures powerful nutrients are put to work inside, while your skin is rapidly restored on the surface.

A.G.E. 1, 2 & 3 solutions – pHformula skin resurfacing solutions for ageing skin


Treatment Description

Active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing like photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines. The pHformula A.G.E. solutions were specifically formulated as advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatments to help correct typical signs of ageing.


M.E.L.A. 1, 2 & 3 powerclays™ – A powerful hyperpigmentation treatment


Treatment Description

The unique pHformula powerclay formula used in the M.E.L.A. resurfacing treatments is a powerful hyperpigmentation treatment designed to reduce the accumulation of epidermally located melanin. It effectively inhibits the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, whilst stimulating epidermal differentiation and therefore accelerates epidermal cellular turnover causing the removal of already formed melanin pigment. Due to the innovative highly effective mode of action, significant visible results are obtained with minimal risk.

A.C. 1, 2 & 3 solutions – pHformula skin resurfacing solutions for acne skin


Treatment Description

The unique combination of actives in the pHformula A.C. solutions were specifically formulated to correct the main acneic manifestations such as comedones, papules and pustules. It was designed to act on the 4 factors that trigger acne.

1. Seborrhoea
2. Hyperkeratinisation
3. Microbial colonisation (P acnes)
4. Inflammation

C.R. 1 complex – An active complex for complete restoration


Treatment Description

An active and effective complex for complete restoration, chronic redness and rosacea prone skin. Specifically formulated with anti-microbial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses



Patients should use the recommended pHformula homecare products to enhance overall results and to assist with the post resurfacing healing processes. The skin resurfacing homecare kits contain fundamental products to optimize overall results. The A.G.E. homecare kit offers a complete skin resurfacing regimen for your particular skin  issue and includes the following products:

A.C.T.I.V.E. formula 20ml
A.G.E. or M.E.L.A. or  A.C.  or C.R.  recovery 30ml
E.X.F.O. cleanse 100ml
P.O.S.T. recovery cream 50ml

The use of the pHformula U.V. protect SPF 30+ or SPF 50+ is essential to protect the skin from UV radiation. Please note that it is recommended that extended sun exposure must be avoided, especially in the 10 days prior to the treatment.


Clare G.“Was nervous about having the peel but Yvonne explained everything… A week later my skin feels amazing!!!! Booking in for another! ”

Kellie C.“I have had my first acne peel at The Little Beauty Box. After two days I noticed my skin flaking and my new complexion has never looked so bright and clear. I’m now excited to have a course. Kellie x”

Clare G. “Relaxing facial and massage… My skin feels amazing. Think I will try the full peel next ”

Vicky C. Enzyme Peel SuperFacial “Without doubt the best facial I have ever had! 1 hour 20 of pure pampering complete with enzyme peel, hot towels, face and shoulder massage and a mask. 5* products, 5* therapist. Will be getting my mum booked in for one of these for her birthday treat, Thanks Yvonne xxxxxx”


Claire O. Enzyme Peel SuperFacial “The best facial I have ever had, my skin was left feeling soft and looking fresh. Yvonne you are an amazing lady xx”


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