Cancellations, Etiquette and all that Jazz


It can happen that for whatever reason you are unable to keep you appointment. Please give notice at least 48 hrs notice because this way I have a chance to reschedule you or offer the now available time to another client in need of an appointment.

Failure to cancel may incur a charge, which is a minimum of 50% of the treatment cost and a 100% on No Shows. It is regrettable that this needs to be implemented but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

Repeated late cancellations may require a booking fee to secure any future bookings.

At my discretion , I will also require a booking fee for last-minute bookings.  Please understand this is a business and not a hobby on the side so please don’t be offended.

If you don’t turn up at all without letting me know and you are not available on your telephone, I won’t be very pleased, so  be polite and call.



Please arrive on time and make sure if you are having a nail treatment that your nails are clean and free of any polish, gel or enhancement not done by me.  In my nail treatments a soak off is included with the colour application. If you come to me with a product on your nails not done by me, it may be possible I cannot remove it for you. If  I can remove it this will incur an extra charge of £ 6.00 on top of your chosen treatment.


Please follow the prep that I will provide you with to make the spraytan look and stay beautiful. Waxing,shaving and an exfoliation needs to be completed at least 24hrs prior to having the spraytan.  Wear dark loose clothing and flip flops, nothing tight fitting as this may rub your tan off. Dark underwear/swimwear is advisable for wearing during the procedure. No perfume or deodorant as it will discolour your skin after the tanning treatment.


Make sure you come to your waxing appointment clean and smelling good.

Lashes. LVL & Eyebrows treatments and  tinting

I require patch testing at least 48 hrs beforehand  for all of these treatments. You may find this a bit of a pain but it’s well worth it if it saves you from a allergic reaction ! It will only take 5 minutes and will give us both peace of mind.

Please don’t wear mascara when you come to your LVL or Nouveau Lashes appointment. Lashes need to be ultra clean and grease free for the best result.