Lipo Laser Sculpture – Inch Loss

Lipo Laser


What is Lipo Laser :

A safe way to loose unwanted inches without pain, needles,or surgery.
What does it do :
Mild low (cold) lasers are used to reduce body fat which makes fat cells shrink, the lymphatic system then removes the fatty liquids through the body’s natural metabolic function and these are used by the body as an energy source. The process does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels  etc.
It is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate i.e 20/30 min of light cardio vascular exercise such as brisk walking, running etc.

Areas that can be treated :
v Stomach
v Hips (Love handles) Thighs
v Upper back fat
v Lower back fat
v Arms (under biceps) or (Bingo Wings)
v Baby bulge (Mummy Tummy) Double Chins
v Above knee areas
v Ankles
v Male breasts (Moobs)
Lipo can help with:
v Inch Loss Skin Tightening
v Cellulite reduction
v Skin rejuvenation
v Stretch Marks (Up to 80% Reduction)
Your 1st session will be around an hour because of consultation, following sessions will last approx. 40 min.
Single treatment 65.00
Course of 2 treatments per week 6 treatments  330
Course of 2 treatments per week 8 treatments  400

Lipo Laser is not suitable if you have any of the below conditions :

v  Liver disease
v  If you are pregnant
v  Kidney disease
v  If you are currently breast feeding
v  Heart problems
v  Pacemaker
v  Diabetes (type 1 – insulin dependent)
v  Any dysfunction of the nervous system
v  Radiation sickness or receiving radiation  therapies
v  Any form of cancer (even if in remission)
v  Immune suppressed  disorders
v  Epilepsy (e.g. muscular sclerosis, Parkinsons disease,  motor neuron disease)
v  Bell palsy
v  Have a photosensitive skin disorder